Includes Air Mouse and customized skin with Genesis integrated for free Movie and TV Show streaming!


Includes Air Mouse and customized skin with Genesis integrated for free Movie and TV Show streaming!

Need Help?

We are able to provide remote support for any of your TV Box questions using the built-in QuickSupport app by TeamViewer.

Watch What You Want, When You Want It

Time to Cut the Cord !
Movies, TV, & Music on demand! Without cable! It's not a dream!

The inclusion of a MX TV Box to your home entertainment setup is a smart upgrade that can provide hours of entertainment with only a small investment. Just look at all it can do!

Free Streaming
With support for streaming services like Genesis, Phoenix, FTV, 1Channel, SportsDevil, and a dozen others, you have immediate access to almost every Movie and TV Show you can think of, free!

Check out our demo to see how easy it is!

Paid Streaming
You want access to paid online services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Crackle, CinemaNow, and YouTube?

This box supports them and many more. We can show you how to use services like Unblockus so you have access to U.S. content.

Digital Library
Have you got your own personal digital library of Music, Movies, and TV Shows you "ripped"?
Not a problem, this box supports all of the most popular video and music formats, with source support from USB drives, SMB, NFS, OTG, SD, to name a few.

The MX runs on an Android OS, which means it supports all of the popular "Social Media", Games, e-Mail, and Internet Browsing applications you likely use today.

Watch a movie, play a game, check your e-mail, surf the 'net!


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